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Expert background reports

We’re the experts on experts. Let us do the background research for you.

Our Expert Intelligence Reports provide you with detailed information about an expert’s legal, professional, and social media footprint. These reports save you time and help you confidently prepare your case, plan an effective cross-examination, and avoid surprises at deposition and in the courtroom.

Thomson Reuters Expert Intelligence Reports are:

  • Comprehensive – Our experienced attorney researchers leverage their practice-area and Westlaw research expertise to deliver a thorough report.
  • Convenient – Easy-to-navigate pdf format has live links to Westlaw for easy reference. (If you’re not a Westlaw subscriber, a temporary password is provided.)
  • Cost-effective – Flat fee gives your firm a predictable, recoverable research cost.

Expert Intelligence Report saves billable hours

Expert Intelligence Report saves billable hours

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We search far and wide

Our most comprehensive report (Litigation Premier Report) includes the following information about your expert:

Choose a report

There are four litigation reports and two patent reports to choose from …

Litigation Reports

CONTENT $450 $450 $700 $1,200
Links to publications by expert on Westlaw (up to 200)
Links to publications citing expert on Westlaw (up to 200)
Links to publications by expert from other online sources (up to 20)
Westlaw news links (up to 200 most recent)
Up to 3 pages Internet research for Internet profiles, activity, blogs, video, and other postings
License and certification verification
Court documents: Up to 150 court document links from Westlaw
TREWS challenge report: 10 years
Westlaw Evaluator report
Five full-text documents

Patent Reports

CONTENT $300 $450
US patents/patent applications 5 most recent 15 most recent
European patents/patent applications 5 most recent 15 most recent
WIPO patents/patent applications 5 most recent 15 most recent

Q: Are these reports only available for opposing experts?

No, we do expert intelligence reports on:

  • Your own expert
  • The opposing expert
  • Attorneys who are also experts
  • Judges who are also experts
  • Lay witnesses (there may not be any Westlaw content)

Q: How do I access the information included in the report?

To access documents on Westlaw via the live links in the report, you either need to have a current Westlaw subscription, or we can arrange for a temporary password. With a temporary password, we suggest you print, email or locally download the documents, as the Westlaw folders and research history will be wiped after the trial period expires. Live links to the URLs for Internet content are not included in the report due to the various terms-of-use regulations on each website we search. Instead, we include inactive links, which can be copied from the PDF and pasted into the address bar of your Internet browser.

Q: Will there be any additional charges incurred for clicking on the links to the Westlaw content in the report?

The ability to access the links in the report is dependent upon the subscriptions included in your Westlaw plan. If you have questions about what is included in your plan, please contact your Thomson Reuters account manager/representative.

Q: Why are Westlaw Public Records searches not included in the report?

We are unable to include that content in the report because access to public records is governed by strict guidelines regarding credentialing and permissible use. However, a link to the Public Records access portal on Westlaw is provided, so users who have the appropriate credentialing and permissible use can run searches on the expert.

Q: Will the report include documents only available via a runner?

No. However, we can connect you with our colleagues at Westlaw Court Express. They can explain their pricing structure and timeline for retrieving documents referenced in the docket from the court.

Q: What is the turnaround time for these reports?

Our standard delivery time is seven business days. We do offer a three-day expedited delivery option, which is an additional 30% of the report price (e.g. $1,200 Litigation Premier Report = $360 fee for three-day delivery). If you need a faster turnaround time, please call us at 1-877-468-9536.

Q: In what format will I receive the report?

The report is a PDF document that is sent electronically via e-mail. Upon request, we can send the electronic version to other attorneys and/or staff in your office. Print copies of the report are available for an additional $50/report.

Q: Does the report include references to non court-filed expert documents?

No, due to document ownership and copyright concerns, the links to Westlaw only include court-filed expert documents.

Q: How and when do I pay for the report?

After the report is delivered, you will receive an invoice via email. Payment terms are net 30.

Q: Is there a limit to how many links to court documents on Westlaw are included in a report?

A standard report includes up to 150 links to court documents on Westlaw. You can have additional links included in your report by contacting the reports fulfillment team at 1-877-468-9536. The price for additional links is $150 per additional 50 links cited.

Q: Do I receive a volume discount if I order multiple reports?

Yes, you’ll receive a 5% discount for 10-14 reports, a 7% discount for 15-19 reports, and a 10% discount for 20+ reports.

If you have any additional questions, please call 877-468-9536.

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