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Stop Loss Broker, Reinsurance Expert #11487

I have 20 years of experience, and specialize in the field of self funded medical plan stop loss and provider excess loss insurance and reinsurance with specific knowledge in the areas of medical, marine, self funding, self funding, bad faith, contract conflicts, policy rescission, HMO reinsurance, provider excess loss, many types of insurance and reinsurance. I have published on such topics as insurance, reinsurance, AACO, MA, self funded medical plans, provider excess Loss and HMO reinsurance.I have never been sued, or challenged, or had a problem with any license. I am licensed in 17 states. In addition to several types of commercial insurance (medical malpractice, property and liability), I routinely quote and place individual, group, self funded medical plans, property, E&O, D&O, home owners and auto. I am knowldegable with the interraletedness of insurance functions, delivering care and paying for the care. In addition, I have personnally placed “fronted and reinsured” assignments domestically and internationally. I have works for the insured, and the insurance company – and am credible to be fair.

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