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Chemical Engineering, Filtration and Processing Expert Witness #1271

Expert is a Professional Engineer and has a Ph.D. and has a broad background in the chemical processing industry, in commercial research, as well as most recently in academia. His experience includes chemical process development; waste treatment processes, and the development of materials with unique physical and chemical properties, tailored to achieve an objective related to catalytic, sorption, or thermal needs of a process. Operations experience includes virtually all aspects of chemical processing: membrane processes, reaction engineering, catalyst development, food processing (extrusion), novel separation technologies, and crystallization to name a few. He has expertise and is able to serve as an expert witness in the following: Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reactors & Reaction Kinetics, Spontaneous Combustion, Filtration Materials, Process Development & Design, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Activated Carbon Manufacture, Carbon Filtration, Membrane Filtration, Catalysts and Catalytic Reactions. He has used this expertise in at least eight litigation matters and completed testimonial work in two.

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