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Emerging Media and Marketing Expert Witness #2011

This consultant has been involved in the emerging and converging information and interactive technology industries since 1971 in a variety of business, policy and technology analysis roles. He has focused on the applications and services enabled by digital, broadband and interactive media platforms for residential and enterprise deployments, including local information services.. He edited and published industry newsletters and reports about the development of interactive content, including marketing and advertising and their relationships to distribution technology. He has conducted extensive research on business development and customer acceptance of new telecom/media technologies. His company has provided research and analytical services to organizations and business groups including telecommunications carriers, technology (hardware and software) providers, financial institutions, publishing, entertainment and media companies and non-profit organizations plus an array of start-up ventures. He has also been an advisor to and developed programs for the University of Southern California`s Entertainment Technology Center, The Museum of Television and Radio and the American Film Institute`s Enhanced Television Workshop. He has contributed editorial analysis to many information technologies and media services publications. He has served as an expert witness in various cases.

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