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High Voltage Power, Transmission and Monitoring Expert Witness #1265

For the past 39 years Expert has had a record of successful leadership, project management, marketing and team building. His experience includes conceptual engineering, project management and scheduling, preliminary and final design, cost estimating, equipment specification, construction management and testing of, high-voltage substations, transmission, distribution, hydroelectric, fossil fueled and nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings, hospitals, government and agency facilities and major electric mass transit projects. In addition to design, he has an extensive background in defining and evaluating power supply interconnection plans, projecting power and energy requirements, and preparing load-flow, short-circuit, and voltage-drop studies. He also provides expert testimony in cases related to design, construction and operation of electrical utility systems.

Expert has worked with significant experience in electrical utility design and construction in the United Kingdom with the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) and in the United States with public and private utilities and consulting engineers. He was a Senior Authorized Person with the CEGB and a Chartered Engineer in the U.K. for several years. His work with large U.S. utilities included material, equipment, and construction specification; construction supervision, start-up, operation and maintenance of substations, transmission, and distribution facilities at voltages up to 400kV; as well as design and construction engineering for fossil fueled and nuclear generating facilities.
Expert has been responsible for directing the work of experienced design teams specifically dedicated to the planning, design, and construction engineering for substation and switchyard facilities and equipment. He has worked pm projects with a range of voltage levels from 480V to 765,000V.

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