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Molecular Biology and RNA Expert #54642

I have 40 years of experience, and specialize in the field of with specific knowledge in the areas of RNA, RNomics, RNA sequencing (RNAseq), gene and genome evolution, retrotransposition, transposable or repetitive elements, gene expression, recombinant proteins and transgenic, gene depleted, gene corrected mice, genome engineering. I have published on such topics as RNA, gene and genome evolution, gene cloning, molecular neurobiology, mouse models for human genetic disease and evolution of life, ethical questions concerning our ability to engineer genomes. I have testified on expression of recombinant proteins, expression vectors, transcription promoters, the repetitive nature of genomes. I was decades ahead of the “crowd” concerning the significance of RNA in cellular function and regulation as well as recognizing the significance of retrotransposition for the evolution of novel gene modules and the plasticity of genomes.

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