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Telecommunications Equipment Expert Witness #1300

Expert has over 35 years experience in the computer industry, specializing in computer network architecture, systems, and product design. He was one of the original developers of the 10 Mb/s Ethernet technology at Digital Equipment Corporation, and is now a consultant, providing services to a wide range of network, semiconductor, and computer systems manufacturers, investors, and users. He taught graduate-level courses at the University of California for over 15 years, has published two best-selling technology treatises, and has chaired and co-authored numerous international standards for computer communications. He has served as a technology consultant and testifying expert to law firms in more than a dozen cases over the past ten years. He is an advisor to numerous venture capital investors, has founded high-tech companies both in the U.S. and abroad and currently serves on the Executive Boards of a number of firms. He has participated in numerous cases as and expert witness.

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